Let’s work together to find the senior living solution that’s right for you

Today, more than ever, seniors have a wide variety of options for their next step in living arrangements. Finding the right solution goes beyond just the nuts and bolts of signing the lease for a new apartment to move your belongings to. Families want to partner with professionals familiar with the ins and outs of the myriad of options… who will take each client’s needs into account… who will ask the right questions, and listen to their concerns.

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We’re here to…

  • Help you evaluate your needs and budget and guide you through identifying your priorities.
  • Map out a plan that will let you narrow down the options, visit facilities, ask the right questions, and determine the next steps.
  • Walk you through the process step by step so you never need to worry about what happens next.
  • Support you through the challenges of initial recon, further fact-finding, detail-tracking, making decisions, and tying up all loose ends.

Who we best serve

We’re happy to speak with you about your needs, and we are particularly well-versed in working with the following:

Senior individuals or couples who are ready to move to a more stress-free, senior-friendly environment.

Individuals who need to move to a higher level of care and are unable to make decisions on their own.

Individuals who have been caregivers and their loved ones now need more assistance than they can provide.

Individuals living outside the Greater Seattle area who need to help their loved ones find the right senior living situation.

Agencies or professional service partners working with senior community members, including social workers, realtors, financial planners, and attorneys.

Communities unable to meet the needs of current residents or individuals who have inquired and are beyond what the community can assist with.

We strive to work with everyone, regardless of their budget or location. We want to understand your needs, constraints, and timeline and then work together to find the right situation that best meets your requirements.

I can't say enough about how compassionate, respectful, and supportive Derek was through this journey.

He listened deeply, and worked tirelessly, demonstrating sharp skill and keen judgment. I knew he had his heart and head connected in all my interactions with him.

Alicia K.

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More about Us…

Olympic Senior Advisors started when founder Derek Esses was ready to establish a comprehensive resource for seniors preparing for their next living situation in the Seattle area. With 15+ years in healthcare and over ten years in home health business development and operations, he could see the unmet needs and had a vision in mind for a full-service agency guiding seniors and their families through the confusing and challenging process of finding the perfect fit. Quickly expanding to cover all of King County, Olympic now also helps families in Snohomish and Pierce counties find the next right residential situation for their loved ones.   

Being active in our community is a core value for us: we want to know and support our neighbors, whether residents, businesses, or nonprofit organizations. We’re involved in the local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and area Senior Centers and support many local charity and fundraising events. 

As members of the National Placement and Referral Alliance (NPRA), we’re dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise to assist families and their aging loved ones in navigating the complex process of identifying and securing senior living arrangements. 

Our Team

Derek Esses, Olympic Senior Advisors

Derek Esses, Founder

As Olympic Senior Advisors’ founder, Derek enjoys building a collaborative team that significantly contributes to his community. As well as leading the team, he focuses on marketing, business development, and engaging with clients. In addition to 15+ years in the healthcare field – with over ten years in home health business development and operations – Derek’s certifications include Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) from the National Placement & Referral Alliance and an MBA from Gonzaga University.

Outside of work, Derek thrives on outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and spending time at the lake. He loves reading or listening to historical fiction, international travel to learn about different cultures, and spending time with his family, including attending the games and performances of his two daughters. Connect with Derek on LinkedIn.

“I enjoy the fact that the work we do makes an impact on our clients, families, and providers.”

Chandra Hoover, Administrator & Senior Living Advisor

Chandra handles many tasks under the Olympic Senior Advisors umbrella, including researching facilities, organizing and accompanying clients on tours, coordinating between clients and providers, day-to-day operations, and marketing (strategizing, visiting with social workers, planning and attending events).

A University of Washington graduate, Chandra was a homecare manager and caregiver before joining Olympic Senior Advisors. Her introduction to home care came at a very young age, accompanying her mother when she helped care for an older woman a couple of evenings per week. Even then, she recognized the joy of simply being available to help.

Outside of this role she loves, Chandra enjoys swimming, reading, cooking, spending time with her husband and two children, and chauffeuring her kids around town to their activities.

“This is a job and career that fills my soul and is gratifying knowing that I am helping families when they feel stuck and overwhelmed with navigating this crazy senior care landscape.”

Chandra Hoover, Olympic Senior Advisors
Sue Augustin, Senior Living Advisor

Sue Augustin, Senior Living Advisor

Sue brings 39+ years of nursing experience to Olympic Senior Advisors. As an advisor, she specializes in assessing individual care needs and identifying suitable housing options and recommendations that enable clients to live their best lives.

Her career experience covers a variety of healthcare settings, including acute care hospital units, long-term care facilities, and home health. Focusing on the whole person allows her to provide a richer care experience. Sue’s passion for providing quality care retains at its core the mindfulness of patient and client preferences and needs.

When not providing nursing care and thoughtful guidance to her clients, Sue loves travel, family time, outdoor activities, and quilting. Her quilting creations demonstrate her true spirit of generosity, including quilts donated to fundraising auctions to benefit deserving hospital programs supporting children, and Quilts of Valor which honor and comfort Veterans in our community.

“One of my favorite quotes is ‘Even miracles take a little time.’ I feel privileged to work in a position giving me the opportunity to create ‘miracles’ for our clients who are searching for solutions and recommendations enabling them to live their best lives.”

Lisa Ann Steward, Compliance Specialist

As the first point of contact, Lisa enjoys being the compassionate and empathetic ear when clients call, and focuses on making clients and providers alike feel listened to, understood, and cared for. With experience in retail management and large church system management, Lisa’s behind-the-scenes projects ensure all systems run smoothly and that underlying processes are efficient and effective.

When not organizing and improving the backbone systems that make Olympic Senior Advisors work so well, she loves scuba diving – especially in Belize! – enjoys yarn crafts such as knitting and crocheting, and homeschools her three children.

“Glinda the Good Witch said, ‘You’ve always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.’ I see our mission at Olympic as helping our clients learn about the options for themselves, giving them the power to make the best decisions for their loved one’s needs and circumstances.”

Lisa Ann Steward, Olympic Senior Advisors
Owen Heit, Intern, Olympic Senior Advisors

Owen Heit, Intern

Serving as an intern at Olympic Senior Advisors, Owen is tasked with managing and updating our resource database, ensuring that all information from providers remains relevant and current. Owen is also a student at South Seattle College, where he is working towards becoming a registered nurse.

Owen is a sports enthusiast, particularly passionate about basketball. In his free time, he loves giving back to his community through active engagement in local sports programs. He runs summer sports camps and acts as a coach for the youth basketball team at his alma mater, Hope Lutheran Middle School. Connect with Owen on LinkedIn.

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