Our 5-step Process

We work with clients as a team to:

  • Clarify and understand their short- and long-term needs, budget, and desired lifestyle.
  • Identify options that will accommodate the identified factors.
  • Coordinate tours to visit prospective communities, and help clients ensure they get the information they need to make informed decisions.
  • Facilitate assessment by Community Staff or an independent Assessor to evaluate and confirm fit between the client and the community.
  • Assist in engagement between the client and provider to move to the next step.
A woman talking with Olympic Senior Advisors.
A diagram illustrating a 5-step client-centric digital marketing strategy.

Olympic Senior Advisors is a trusted advisor.

hey take the time to discover the details about their clients and different care settings. Ensuring that each client is set up for success. Time is taken to ensure the right fit for now and long-term. Timely answers to questions and very fluid communication. Grateful for the candor on challenging situations and helps us provide the best service for the client and family. Olympic Senior Advisors is who to call for dedicated care, compassion, and trust. Thank you for all your hard work and the consistent follow-up.

Judy V.

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