55+ Communities

What is a 55+ community?

55+ communities are designed for adults who are age 55 or older. These communities are typically planned and managed by a developer, and they often offer a range of housing options, such as single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums, or apartments. While they typically do not provide personal assistance or services with daily living activities, they often offer amenities and services such as fitness centers, swimming pools, golf courses, walking trails, community centers, dining establishments, and social activities. These communities may also provide maintenance services for home exteriors, such as lawn care and snow removal.

An older couple walking on a wooden boardwalk.

A unique feature of 55+ communities is age restrictions.

Typically, at least one household member must be 55 or older, and no one under 18 is allowed as a permanent resident of the community. This facilitates a stronger sense of shared experiences and expectations as more residents are in a similar stage of life. 55+ communities are generally designed for independent living and don’t offer healthcare, housekeeping, or meal services.

It's important to note that 55+ communities differ from Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing facilities, which offer more intensive care services for older adults who need assistance with daily activities or medical care. 55+ communities are designed for independent living and generally do not offer healthcare services.

Benefits of living in a 55+ community

Living in a 55+ community can benefit individuals ready to embrace a lower-stress, more convenient pace of independent living. Benefits include:

  • Community and social connections:

    As these communities are designed for older adults, residents can often meet peers who share their interests and experiences. Many communities offer various social activities and events, such as fitness classes, organized trips, sports leagues, and more.

  • Low maintenance living:

    Many 55+ communities offer home maintenance services such as lawn care and snow removal. This can be particularly attractive to those seniors ready to devote more time and energy to interests and activities and less time to house maintenance.

  • Amenities and services:

    With a wide range of services, such as fitness centers, swimming pools, golf courses, walking trails, community centers, and social activities, residents have more opportunities for physical activity and social engagement.

  • Security and safety:

    Residents have an increased sense of safety and security, as many 55+ communities often have security measures, such as gated entrances or security cameras.

55+ Communities FAQs

What’s the difference between a 55+ community and other senior living options?

While there is some overlap between 55+ communities and Independent Living communities, the Independent Living communities generally offer more comprehensive services and amenities than 55+ communities, such as dining, housekeeping, on-site healthcare services, 24-hour security, and access to medical professionals. Members of 55+ communities often purchase their residence, and while they get the shared benefits of external maintenance and amenities, they otherwise live entirely independently.

How do I know if a 55+ community is the right choice for me?

When considering whether to move into a 55+ community, take into account the following criteria:

  • Are you looking for a more active lifestyle and social opportunities with people of similar ages?
  • Are you looking for a community offering various activities, events, and facilities, such as a golf course, fitness center, swimming pools, and walking trails?
  • Are you ready to downsize or simplify your living situation and hand off some external home maintenance care tasks?
  • Are you confident you can live independently without needing assistance for daily living activities?

With so many questions and factors to consider, connect with one of our Senior Living Advisors, who can help you evaluate the best options to meet your needs. Our team is ready to help you assess 55+ communities and other options to ensure you find the right solution for your situation.

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