What do senior living facilities providers wish prospective clients knew?

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Senior living facilities staff have valuable insight into the needs and preferences of their clients. Some items they wish prospective clients knew include:

  • Senior living is not one-size-fits-all. Senior living facilities offer various options, with many choices to meet specific needs and preferences. Options include independent living, assisted living, and memory care, each with different levels of support.  
  • Planning ahead is important. Providers wish prospective clients would start planning for their future living arrangements earlier rather than waiting until a crisis occurs. Planning ahead allows seniors and their families to maintain control over their choices and gives them a better opportunity to find the best-fit solution. Some facilities have waiting lists, and not everyone can be admitted immediately. In addition, advance planning may enable clients to take advantage of benefits with specific timelines leading to Medicaid eligibility.
  • Senior living is more than just a last resort. It makes sense to consider a move as a positive choice rather than just a last resort. Senior living offers many benefits, including improved safety, access to healthcare, social activities, dining, transportation, and less stress about house maintenance.   
  • The importance of socialization. Socialization can be essential for seniors to maintain their mental and emotional well-being. Senior living facilities offer many opportunities for socialization.  
  • The value of independence. Independence is essential for seniors, and senior living can offer many opportunities for them to maintain their independence and continue to make choices about their lifestyles.

When your parent may have objections to moving, consider discussing these details with them.

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